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I scan and read thoroughly through your complex German documents – straight­forward and with no delay.

Starting with simple proofreading and going all the way to an in-depth textual fine-tuning I adapt to your aims and require­ments to finally create, in concordance with you, a complete work which will prove to be perfectly presentable.

In particular you can consult me with respect to any language diffi­culty or question regarding German technical terms, idioms or semantic subtleties.

Another special field of mine is the trans­lation into authentic German fitting and stressing the corres­ponding purpose of your text.

In my work I constantly watch out for textual details and handle each word with profes­sional care. Thus, be assured, to receive skilled advice and a complete and appealing result.

Find out more about my fields of work and have a look at my special subjects and biographical inform­ation.

Yours, Wolf Kiessling of Textbureau

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